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The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Gladys Kokorwe, addressed a Press Briefing in Parliament Buildings where she updated the media about Parliament Business in May 2017.

In her speech, Hon. Kokorwe informed the Media Practitioners that Parliamentary Committees have undertaken a number of activities, one of them being an official visit to Cuba. The Speaker was accompanied by Hon. Sedirwa Kgoroba, Hon. Christian De Graaf, Hon. Buti Billy and the Clerk of the National Assembly from the 22nd to the 30th April 2017; which its main objective was to strengthen bilateral relations between the Parliament of Botswana and the National Assembly of People’s Powers of Cuba.

The Speaker stated that while there, she managed to visit the Federation of Cuban Women where they discussed issues relating to advancing women empowerment and how Parliament can promote gender equality. She also indicated that they also visited the Latin American School of Medicine, where they held talks with the school management, and met Batswana students who are training as doctors there.

Hon. Kokorwe highlighted on the initiative, “Taking Parliament to the People;” which its purpose is to give the general public an opportunity to learn how Parliament works, and to strengthen citizen participation in Parliament business.

The Honourable Speaker went on to brief media about the different Parliamentary Committees and their functions.  Among these Committees is the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), which its duty is to examine accounts books of all Government, Ministries and Independent Bodies.

The Speaker also explained issues of Inter-Parliamentary Bodies. She said during the next session of the Pan African Parliament, which will be running from the 8th to 19th May in Midrand, South Africa, new Members of Parliament will be sworn in. These include Hon. Mephato Reatile, Hon. Bogolo Kenewendo and Hon. Buti Billy.

She stated that workshops will be held for Chairpersons of the Parliamentary Committees, as a way to strengthen the oversight role of Parliament. These workshops are aimed at improving operational efficiency and effectiveness as per the committee’s mandates.

In her closing remarks the Speaker thanked the  media, highlighting that as the Spokesperson of the National Assembly, she wishes to engage more with media in order to share information on Legislation, Oversight and Representation activities of Parliament.