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The Leader of the Opposition is a Member elected by the Members of the party which is recognised as the majority opposition party and designated as such by the Speaker. He/she is a Member of Parliament who leads the party with second largest number of seats in Parliament that is not in government. The Leader of Opposition is equivalent in rank to an Assistant Minister.

The roles of the Leader of The Opposition

Standing Orders

  • there shall be a Leader of The Opposition, who shall be the official spokesperson of the majority of the opposition party in the house.
  • the Leader of the Opposition shall be a Member of the following Parliamentary committees:

                             (i) Committee of Selection;

                             (ii) Business Advisory Committee.

  • be the principal spokesperson for the majority opposition party in the Assembly or where there is a coalition he or she shall be the spokesperson for the coalition.
  • have the right to make official statements in the Assembly on important national and international issues on behalf of the majority opposition.
  • be allotted longer speaking times than ordinary Members during debates on the State of the Nation Address , budget speech or any other major Government Policy statement
  • be the first to respond to The State of The Nation Address, Budget Speech or any other major Government Policy Statement and shall be allowed to read his or her speech if he or she so desire;
  • Notwithstanding the provisions of standing Order 9.3.4, the time allotted to the Leader of Opposition shall be less than the time allotted to the presenter of the state of the Nation Address, the Budget Speech or other major Government policy, or the time allotted to the Leader of the House under the Standing Order.

The Leader of the Opposition serve as:

  1. 2nd Vice President of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (Botswana Branch);
  2. An Executive Member of the Southern African Development
  3. Community (SADC) Parliamentary Forum;
  4. An Executive Member of the Inter – Parliamentary Union Committee in Botswana.

The Leader of the Opposition shall, in the event of his or her absence, illness or other non-availability, designate an opposition Member to act in his or her position and such designation shall be notified to the Speaker in writing.