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The Statutory Bodies and State Enterprises started their examination on different parastatals today and it is anticipated to end on the 16th December 2020. The purpose of their sitting is to examine the mandate of parastatals appearing before the Committee as well as their financial achievements and challenges they encounter on daily basis.
Appearing before the committee today was Botswana Accountancy Oversight Authority(BAOA) led by their Chief Executive Officer(CEO) , Mr. Duncan Majinda and Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency led by its CEO Thabo Thamane as their accounting officer.
The Member of this committee are as follows;
Hon. Dr. N. Tshabang-Chairperson
Hon. T. Monnakgotla
Hon. A. Lesaso
Hon. Dr. U. Dow
Hon. T. Letsholo
Hon. D. Tshere
Hon. O. Regoeng
Hon. K. Nkawana
Hon. M. Reatile