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Today the 48th SADC-PF Plenary Assembly ended with elections into the Executive Committee. Hon Polson Majaga, MP, for Nata-Gweta who is a representative of Parliament of Botswana to the SADC-PF has been elected to serve in the Executive Committee of the Southern Africa Development Community - Parliamentary Forum (SADC-PF). The Honourable Member will serve for two years as per the forum` constitution. He will also serve in the Finance Sub Committee of the Forum`s Executive Committee.
Other Members of Parliament who are representatives in the SADC PF are;
The Hon. Speaker, Phandu T. C. Skelemani
Hon Dumelang Saleshando, - Leader of Opposition
Hon. Talita Monnakgotla,
Hon. Mokwaledi Moswaane
Hon. Leepetswe Lesedi