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The Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Phandu T.C. Skelemani today (25th August  2021) hosted an  Ambassador of Brazil to Botswana, His Excellency Mr. Flavio Lima Rocha with the purpose to provide an update on the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Botswana and Brazil established diplomatic relations in 1985. The two countries have enjoyed an excellent bilateral relations over the years. 

According to Ambassador Flavio Lima Rocha, both countries have signed several agreements among others, Agreement on Cultural Cooperation (June 2009), Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Political Consultations in April 2017, MOU on Defense matters (May 2018) etc. Further to that, the Ambassador also reinforced his country’s commitment on establishing an enabling environment to train Botswana’s armed forces on both short and long term basis. In addition, he said Brazil is also considering abolition of visa requirements for Botswana passport holders. ‘’A move which will easy on travel and business engagements’’, he stressed.

In his response, the Speaker thanked the His Excellency Rocha for his country’s pledge in upholding the MOU commitments both countries have signed. Honourable Skelemani also made it known to the Ambassador that Botswana was also facing a tough challenge of combating the COVID-19 pandemic. He said the   partnership between Botswana and Brazil will be vital in order to fully defeat the pandemic.

“Brazil has a population of over 100 million people and 60% of that population has received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine” says Ambassador Rocha. He further said Brazil is currently developing two COVID- 19 vaccines. 

The Speaker of National Assembly, Honourable Phandu T.C. Skelemani today (23/08/2021) held a virtual courtesy call with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Botswana, His Excellency Wang Xuefeng with the purpose to provide an update on the bilateral relations between the two countries.

On his welcoming remarks, the Speaker extended his words of appreciation to Ambassador Wang Xuafeng on the continuous and unending support Botswana continues to receive from China since 1975. Honourable Skelemani furthermore emphasized Botswana’s commitment in support of one China Policy as it has provided an enabling environment for the country to enjoy services such road system, health, education and agriculture assisted by the Chinese manpower. 

In his response, Ambassador Wang Xuafeng affirmed that China will continue to help Botswana in any area in order to fight COVID—19 pandemic, as it has already donated 200 000 doses of Sinovac vaccine to Botswana,  and has also assisted with the procurement of extra 200 000 doses by the Botswana Government. The Ambassador has assured that China was prepared to help Botswana Government in any way possible the country may need in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Ambassador Wang Xuafeng, China has made available a total of 20 billion vaccine to assist the whole world. Over and above China has donated 100 million Dollars to COVAX in order for the developing countries to get vaccines.

In his closing remarks, the Speaker pronounced “A friend in need like China is appreciated”, he said.


The National Assembly of Botswana has elected Hon. Pono Moatlhodi MP for Tonota Constituency as the new Deputy Speaker. This comes after the former Deputy Speaker Hon. Mabuse Pule MP, for Mochudi East Constituency , was appointed as the Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development. Moatlhodi was also the Deputy Speaker during the 10th Parliament which was from (2009 - 2014)
Former Deputy Speakers of the National Assembly:
Hon. G. G. Sebeso, MP
1965 - 1989
Hon. E. S. Masisi PH, PMS, MP
1989 - 1993
1994 - 1999
Hon. L. Makgekgenene, MP
1993 - 1994
Hon. B. K. Temane, MP
1999 - 2004
Hon. G. K. T. Kokorwe, MP
2004 - 2008
Hon. T. D. Mogami, MP
2008 - 2009
Hon. P. P. P. Moatlhodi, MP
2009 - 2014
Hon. K. P. Molatlhegi, MP
2014 - 2019
Hon. M. Pule, MP
2019 - 2021
The National Assembly shall be presided over by the Deputy Speaker in the absence of the Speaker; or in the absence of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker, such Member of the

The Chairman of Ntlo ya Dikgosi, Kgosi Puso Gaborone today hosted a virtual courtesy call on the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of China to Botswana His Excellency Wang Xuefeng with the sole objective of enhancing the bilateral relations between the two countries.

“China and Botswana have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship”, says the Ambassador. China has helped Botswana fight against the Covid-19 pandemic through technical and material support. To date 200 000 doses of Psino-vac were donated by China to Botswana.

 Ambassador Wang Xuefeng also wishes to promote the International Vaccine Cooperation between the two countries, as well as to continue working together in other sectors such as tourism, infrastructure and health in order to promote the cultural exchange between China and Botswana.

“Focus cannot be lost in the International Community in order to restore mankind”, Ambassador Wang Xuefeng expounds.

The Chairman of Ntlo ya Dikgosi, Kgosi Puso Gaborone is optimistic for the Ambassador to find an institution that the House of Chiefs can work hand in hand with to help fight the pandemic amongst other things.  “Solidarity and cooperation is our most valued and powerful weapon”, says Kgosi Puso Gaborone.