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The National Assembly of Botswana has elected Hon. Pono Moatlhodi MP for Tonota Constituency as the new Deputy Speaker. This comes after the former Deputy Speaker Hon. Mabuse Pule MP, for Mochudi East Constituency , was appointed as the Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development. Moatlhodi was also the Deputy Speaker during the 10th Parliament which was from (2009 - 2014)
Former Deputy Speakers of the National Assembly:
Hon. G. G. Sebeso, MP
1965 - 1989
Hon. E. S. Masisi PH, PMS, MP
1989 - 1993
1994 - 1999
Hon. L. Makgekgenene, MP
1993 - 1994
Hon. B. K. Temane, MP
1999 - 2004
Hon. G. K. T. Kokorwe, MP
2004 - 2008
Hon. T. D. Mogami, MP
2008 - 2009
Hon. P. P. P. Moatlhodi, MP
2009 - 2014
Hon. K. P. Molatlhegi, MP
2014 - 2019
Hon. M. Pule, MP
2019 - 2021
The National Assembly shall be presided over by the Deputy Speaker in the absence of the Speaker; or in the absence of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker, such Member of the