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The Order Paper contains items of business the National Assembly has scheduled to carry out or consider on a particular day. These can include resumed debate on a bill or motion, or the presentation of a report or other documents.


O R D E R            P A P E R
1. MR. M. I. MOSWAANE, MP. (FRANCISTOWN WEST): To ask the Minister for Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration to state:
 (i) if he is aware of a labour dispute matter mediated at the Francistown Labour Office on the 30th of October, 2019 between a former youth freelance journalist and the Department of Information Services over money owed for an article published on the said magazine;
(ii) how many officials from the Department's headquarters attended the mediation hearing;
(iii) mode of transport and the amount of transportation these officials used to travel to Francistown;
(iv) the amount used on the officials’ accommodation; and
(v) the outcome of the labour mediation.
2. MR. O. RAMOGAPI, MP. (PALAPYE): To ask the Minister of Transport and Communications to update this Honourable House on the number of taxis and minibuses (combis) in Palapye and to state:
(i) if he is aware that passenger transport permits for taxis and minibuses (combis) have been suspended in Palapye amid a public outcry that there are few taxis on the Botswana International University for Science and Technology (BIUST), Extension 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 routes; and if so, what he intends to do about the situation;
(ii) whether he is aware that the applicants for passenger transport permits in Palapye never receive communication from the Department of Road Transport and Safety while the department insists that communication is sent by post but without any proof, such as register books or registered mail at the post office; and if so,
(iii) plans on improving effective delivery of communication.

3. DR. K. GOBOTSWANG, MP. (SEFHARE-RAMOKGONAMI): To ask the Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry to update this Honourable House on the implementation of the Presidential Directive to support smallscale caterers and vendors and to state the number of those who:
(i) have utilised the dispensation;
(ii) have dropped out and why; and
(iii) are still operating in Government offices.
4. MR. M. G. J. MOTSAMAI, MP. (GHANZI SOUTH): To ask the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security to state if:
(i) he is aware that Ncojane and Kalkfontein Police Stations are dilapidated; and
(ii) there are plans to build new police stations in Ncojane and Kalkfontein.
5. MR. P. P. P. MOATLHODI, MP. (TONOTA): To ask the Minister of Basic Education:
(i) to confirm whether Additional Mathematics, Statistics and French subjects are normally marked outside Botswana despite being taught locally; and if so,
(ii) to state if this practice is not equivalent to exportation of jobs that are so badly needed by Batswana.
6. MR. P. MAJAGA, MP. (NATA-GWETA): To ask the Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security to update this Honourable House on when the Dukwi Quarantine farms will be allocated to those who applied in 2015 and to further state:
(i) what is causing the delay as consultations with stakeholders such as Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) and land board were long done; and
(ii) how soon some farmers will be allocated land so as to start ploughing as others have long been allocated some of this land.
7. MR. D. L. KEORAPETSE, MP. (SELEBI PHIKWE WEST): To ask the Minister of Finance and Economic Development to update this Honourable House on:
 (i) the year in which Foreign Exchange Controls were abolished;
 (ii) the amount in Pula terms of inflow and outflow of capital; and
 (iii) whether the system of free play of inflow and outflow of capital works perfectly for Botswana and if not, to state the imperfections and what he is doing about them.
8. MR. M. REATILE, MP. (JWANENG-MABUTSANE): To ask the Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services to update this Honourable House on:
 (i) the North South Carrier Water Project (NSC),  
(ii) when water is expected to reach Kanye, Lotlhakane East and the surrounding areas; and  
(iii) when he intends replacing the old water pipelines in Kanye as there are water leakages everywhere.
9. MR. T. LETSHOLO, MP. (KANYE NORTH): To ask the Minister of Basic Education to state:
 (i) the impact of the following on the educational results or performance of primary, junior and senior secondary schools in the Kanye North Constituency;
(a) the student/teacher ratio at each of the schools;  
(b) staff accommodation and working space for each school;
(c) state of infrastructure and adequacy thereof including classrooms, libraries and laboratories;  
(d) availability of stationery, teaching aids and furniture for each of the schools;
(e) security;
(f) parents and community involvement in education in the Kanye North Constituency; and
 (ii) the budget needed for education in Kanye North schools;  
 (iii) the amount that was allocated over the last five (5) years; and
 (iv) whether this has a bearing on the performance mentioned above. 10. DR. N. TSHABANG, MP. (NKANGE): To ask the Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services:
 (i) whether he is aware that water supply from the Maitengwe Well fields has reached very high salinity levels which are not suitable for human consumption;
(ii) to provide the latest tests on the water done by credible water testing services;
(iii) if he is aware of low pressures and pipeline bursts resulting in shortages of water in all the villages in the Nkange Constituency; and
(iv) to state if there are plans to connect the Nkange Constituency villages to Ntimbale Dam.
 ”We, the National Assembly of Botswana here assembled, respond to the President’s Speech.”
(Leader of the House)
(Resumed Debate)