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The Notice Paper contains a list of forthcoming business of the House and the list will be transfered to the Order Paper after the applicable notice period has elapsed. The notice period for most items is three days.






  1. MR. T. MANGWEGAPE-HEALY, MP. (GABORONE CENTRAL): To ask the  Minister of Health and Wellness if he is aware that:

    1. (i)  Gaborone Central Constituency has insufficient health facilities with an estimated population of forty thousand;

    2. (ii)  Gaborone Central does not have a 24-hour clinic;

    3. (iii)  Princess Marina is a Referral Hospital for the whole country and therefore Gaborone Central residents do not have access to a Government local hospital; and

    4. (iv)  this oversight needs a remedy. (79)

  2. MR. S. J. BROOKS, MP. (KGALAGADI SOUTH): To ask the Minister of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism to state:

    1. (i)  how much was budgeted for the Khawa Dune Challenge for the year 2020;

    2. (ii)  what happened to the money since the event could not take place due to COVID-19; and

    3. (iii)  why the Ministry cannot give that money to the Tsabong Sub-District Council or the Khawa Trust to use it on other projects as per their plans. (80)

  3. MR. C. K. HIKUAMA, MP. (NGAMI): To ask the Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services if he is aware of:

    1. (i)  the deplorable state of the Gumare sewage pond;

    2. (ii)  that it has turned into a community health hazard and death trap to both domestic and wild animals in the area; and if so,

    3. (iii)  to state what the Ministry is doing to address the horrible situation. (81)

  1. MR. K. NKAWANA, MP. (SELEBI PHIKWE EAST): To ask the Minister of  Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism to update this Honourable House on how the Governments of Botswana, Zimbabwe and Republic of South Africa will structure

    the governance, use and management of Mapungubwe Transfrontier Park given that on the side of Botswana the Park is on private freehold land. (82)

  2. MR. L. LESEDI, MP. (SEROWE SOUTH): To ask the Minister of Land  Management, Water and Sanitation Services when the grey water project for Radihemelo will start to operate. (83)

  3. MR. M. REATILE, MP. (JWANENG-MABUTSANE): To ask the Minister of  Investment, Trade and Industry to state:

    1. (i)  how many entrepreneurs have been funded under the revised Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) regulations;

    2. (ii)  how many of them are youth and/or women; and

    3. (iii)  what types of businesses have been established since the revised regulations. (84)

  4. MR. D. SALESHANDO, MP. (MAUN WEST): To ask the Minister of Basic  Education to state:

    1. (i)  the number of temporary teachers engaged in North West (Ngamiland) over the past five (5) years;

    2. (ii)  how many of the temporary teaching posts will be made permanent and pensionable in the next two (2) financial years. (85)

  5. MR. M. M. PULE, MP. (MOCHUDI EAST): To ask the Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs to state:

    1. (i)  how many customers used the Sikwane Border Post during the past three financial years i.e. 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/2019; and

    2. (ii)  how many of these were foreign nationals and how many were locals. (86)

  6. MR. M. I. MOSWAANE, MP. (FRANCISTOWN WEST): To ask the Minister  of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security to brief this Honourable House on how Government has benefited from royalties/taxes from Dukwi, Maun, Lerala, Karowe and other privately owned mines for the past ten (10) years. (87)

  1. MR. S. N. MOABI, MP. (TATI WEST): To ask the Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security to state what strategy in terms of rain water harvesting irrigation has been planned for North East District. (88)

  2. MR. J. L. THIITE, MP. (GHANZI NORTH): To ask the Minister of Local  Government and Rural Development if he is aware of the Qabo poverty eradication projects namely, Brick Moulding, Sewing, Welding, Carpentry, Bakery and Tuck-shop and that they are non- operational; and if so, to state:

    1. (i)  whether the projects were funded on realisation that they were sustainable and bankable;

    2. (ii)  what caused the collapse of those projects;

    3. (iii)  if there are plans to resuscitate the projects; and

    4. (iv)  effective mitigation strategies to be implemented to ensure projects success. (89)